Thursday, January 29, 2009

Children across America.


HEY, did you know that yes right now as your reading this blog that, 4000,000 children live on the streets. The average age is around 9 years old! I feel so bad they have no money no food no family and no house! WOWZERS!!! That's sad! Could you imagine living on the streets when you were 9? That would be horrible! As of today children get tortured in 11 countries, by authorities. Around 100,000 children work in the Asian sex trade. In Liberia 1/4 of children made up the civil war combatants. GET THIS! in the U.S.A a gun takes a child's life every 2 HOURS! Also, 4000 children in the U.S.A were murdered by there parents in 1998! I could not even imagine if i ever killed a child it would be horrible, devastating, BAD! This is the current update on Children Across The World.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone

Do you know how many children are fighting in the world right now?? 300,000!!! Although they are spread over a span of 30 different countries... that is a lot of kids! Some of them as young as four years old. The children are taken from their homes and villages because they are easily manipulated and are too young to understand their actions. How terrible is that?! They are given drugs to help them be more useful in war. Wow! Most are under the age of 18! Some child soldiers are used as human shields and to clear landmines. Imagine how the parents would feel not knowing that there child is alive!?! OMG!

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone sounds like an okay place to live. At a glance, it is covered with beaches and rivers and friendly people. Unless you are taken from your family and threatened to go fight in the civil war or you will die. Yea. Not fun. In the civil war in Sierra Leone children fight for the rebels (RUF) and the local militia. These kids are being taken away from everything they know and given drugs so it easier for them to kill. They're like 10 years old!!! With giant guns killing innocent people!! Yes, SOME of them escape. But most of them don't. The littler ones who are to young to hold or fire a gun are used as HUMAN SHIELDS! This is just sick, if you ask me. What kind of person takes a four year old and tells him to stand over there and draw attention to himself??!! It has to stop. We have already lost a ton of children do to this.